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6 False Myths About Health Insurance

rting from the basis that health insurance does not eliminate any of the advantages of the social security health system, but rather completes and perfects it.

Many people dismiss the possibility of hiring a health policy due to the false myths about health insurance that surround this type of product. Starting from the basis that health insurance does not eliminate any of the advantages of the social security health system, but rather completes and perfects it.

What are the false myths about health insurance?

Many of these myths are based on the confusion between health insurance and life insurance , whose coverage and purpose differ.

Thus, while health insurance allows rapid access to certain diagnostic services, interventions and medical tests, life insurance is linked to covering certain expenses or compensation in cases of death and disability . Both provide peace of mind, but as we can see, their purpose is completely different.

False myth 1. Health insurance is only good for the treatment of minor ailments

Health insurance does not exclusively cover minor ailments. This is another of the most recurrent false myths about health insurance .

The type of coverage that our policy has, the waiting periods, if any (during which you cannot access certain services without co-payment), age and health status prior to contracting will determine what type of treatment is covered by the policy. Sure.

What is categorically false is that the patient’s state of health must be optimal to be able to take out health insurance.

Obviously, the price of the policy will also determine whether it includes expenses such as surgeries, complex diagnoses or hospitalization.

False myth 2. Women pay more than men

This statement is also not correct. Although statistics indicate that women live on average longer than men, in december 2012 a ruling by the court of justice of the european union established the illegality of the difference in treatment based on sex in insurance .

False myth 3.medical examination

In general, to contract medical insurance, the insurer, in addition to assessing the applicant’s age, must know if there are pre-existing diseases, injuries, congenital anomalies or pregnancy , in addition to knowing the client’s lifestyle, among other factors.

False myth 4. Private insurance endangers public health

This is another of the most widespread false myths about medical insurance . Public spending in usa in 2018 was €1,626 per inhabitant, 6.3% of the country’s gdp, according to data from the ministry of health, consumption and social welfare.

Taking into account the aging population and the high incidence of chronic diseases such as diabetes or hypertension, it would be difficult to think of a single private healthcare model that covers the needs of the population. On the contrary, private health is a complement that helps alleviate government health pressure and reduces waiting lists , but it would be difficult for it to supply 100%.

False myth 5. Social security is enough

Although our welfare state guarantees us basic health care, it can hardly guarantee us deadlines. Therefore, the main drawback is the waiting lists for care and diagnostic tests.

The lowest-priced policies usually stipulate the co-payment of some services, although this depends on several factors, such as age, family circumstances or the state of health of each person, among others. This is stipulated in the coverage of each policy, so that before contracting we can easily know what the insurance would cover us and compare with other types of insurance / companies .

False myth 6. Health insurance is only for aged people

This is a totally wrong conception, since the price of the policy will tend to increase with age, as the risk of suffering increases, so enjoying health insurance at the best price is a considerable advantage.

To find out what type of health insurance is best for you taking into account your personal circumstances, we recommend that you use an , where you can see what each policy includes, compare between different companies, obtain savings and interesting extras such as video calls medical .

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