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Are the garage and storage room covered by home insurance?

When we take out home insurance we are clear that it covers our home. Doubts come when together with the property we have a storage room and/or a garage . Who covers the belongings we keep in the storage room? Is the car, while it is parked, covered by home insurance? Below we provide answers to these questions.

In the first place, it is convenient to clarify that  when signing a mortgage for the purchase of a property it is mandatory to take out home insurance , even if it is basic —with coverage for fire—. This insurance responds to unforeseen events caused in the home, protecting both the continent and the content . The continent includes the structure of the home: glass, floors, walls, ceilings, doors, windows, fitted wardrobes, awnings, shutters and water, heating, air, electricity and gas installations. For its part, the content refers to the property owned by the insured (furniture and fixtures), which are found in the insured home.

As for the amount to be insured, this depends on the furniture and objects owned, so it is necessary to calculate the total value. In addition, if you have objects that exceed €3,000, these are considered goods with a special value. It is important to indicate it at the time of contracting so that the insurance responds.

The storage room is part of the content and the garage of the continent

In the case of the storage room, all the furniture that is preserved would be covered by  home insurance , as part of the content, as long as only the owner of the home has access to it . As for the garage, it must be taken into account whether the car park belongs to a single-family property or to a community of neighbors.

The garage is part of the building and is covered by the policy as long as it is a single-family home . However, if the car park belongs to a building, it is considered to be for private use within a community of neighbors, so it will be the community insurance that has to respond to any accident. If this is your case, carefully read the coverage of this policy, to find out in detail the risks that are covered, the limit of the guarantee or the maximum number of insured vehicles per tenant, among other aspects.

In the last case: private garage, owned by a company , in case of damage, the person directly responsible, and the one who will be responsible for compensation, will be the one who caused the damage.

Insurance for storage rooms outside the home

By this we mean storage rooms that are not included in the home, as is the case in the previous section. They are those spaces rented as a storage room that are usually in a dedicated location and that exist in different sizes and uses depending on your needs and what you need to store in it, such as furniture, appliances, small machinery, camping or beach items, bicycles. , etc.

These large companies are not the only ones and there are also many spaces in the cities that can be used for this purpose and for which you can take out specific storage room insurance , since insurers offer this particular service. Naturally, the prices are very varied depending on the type of policy and the objects included in the storage room, as well as the conditions of the space, doors, windows, locks, surveillance and its legality as such. Therefore, there is nothing better than comparing insurers and types of policies, and even better to have the help of an insurance broker.

Tell me where you park and I’ll tell you how much you’ll pay on your car insurance

The vehicle’s parking location is key when determining the  car insurance premium . Insurers take into account the risk that the vehicle runs , so if it is in a closed car park, whether community or private, the amount will be lower than if the vehicle is parked on the street. Have you ever wondered  why your car insurance is more expensive than others ? It is a key aspect to take into account because in the case of a single-family car park, adding the car park to home insurance will mean a reduction in car insurance.

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