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What are the criteria for choosing car insurance?

Compulsory, car insurance must be taken out by all car owners. To meet the strong demand from motorists, there are a large number of insurance companies on the market. Wanting to change car insurance , you don’t know which offer to adopt? Take inspiration from the criteria for choosing auto insurance to make an informed subscription.

The driver profile, a determining factor

Choosing car insurance is not a simple task. To succeed, you must take your driver profile into account . This is a categorization made by insurance companies to assess drivers.

The driver profile will determine the acceptance of your insurance application. It is therefore important to know your profile well to know which insurance to direct you to. In particular, a distinction is made on the market between generalist companies and specialized insurance companies according to certain profiles. Prefer the latter if your profile is delicate.

Simplistic criterion

The objective of automobile insurance is to protect the driver and third parties against claims and accidents . However, the level of coverage offered by insurance contracts is not the same. Each motorist is free to choose the level of cover they want . There are usually three of them.

  • Common-party insurance.
  • Extended third-party insurance.
  • All risk insurance.

Insurance companies can decline these formulas in several offers. Learn about the particularities of each formula and choose the one that protects you best . Comprehensive insurance offers the best level of protection. It is therefore more expensive . Third party insurance is the basic level of cover. More accessible , it will unfortunately not be useful to you in all situations.

Optional or additional guarantees, specificities not to be overlooked

The insurance formulas offered by the insurance companies do not cover all the claims that may occur. To better protect their customers, the companies then offer drivers optional guarantees . Very varied, they can take into account natural disasters, theft and fire, legal assistance, breakdown assistance, etc.

It is advisable to always choose additional guarantees to benefit from better coverage . Choose your benefits based on your driving habits and the risks to which you are most exposed . Only add useful guarantees to your contract. Take the time to learn about the implications of each warranty and warranty exclusions.

The price of car insurance: criteria to consider?

Like many, you wonder about the need to consider the price when choosing your car insurance? It is important to understand that the price is not an objective criterion of choice. It should therefore not determine the choice of your insurance formula and additional cover. Opt for a reasonable and objective level of coverage to begin with.

When you find the level of coverage you’re looking for, do a price comparison . Compare the offers of the companies present on the market. If necessary, use an online comparator to save time. After comparison, choose qualified insurance with advantageous offers .

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