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What does third party insurance cover?

Third-party insurance coverage can be very extensive. Do you know the difference between a basic third and a third moons? Do you know what an extended third party is?

Your car insurance is more important than you think, you can’t choose the cheapest, the first one you see or with poor coverage. we are going to help you find the perfect insurance for you and your car, but which one? To third parties or all risk? If it is to third parties, which one? There is plenty to choose from, so we are going to help you.

What is third party insurance?

Third – party insurance is going to cover the damage you cause to other people , if you have an accident and it is you who is at fault, your car insurance will only take care of the damage you have caused to other vehicles, people and . even furniture.

By law, it is mandatory that all vehicles circulating in USA have insurance, regardless of how many times they circulate that vehicle . It does not matter if you only take your car once a year, it is mandatory that you have insurance, at least with the Driver’s Obligatory Civil Liability.

But there are several types of third-party insurance to cover the needs of all customers, from basic to extended.

What are the modalities of car insurance to third parties?
Basic third party

The basic third party is the simplest of all insurance. It covers Compulsory Civil Liability, that is, the minimum required by law for a vehicle to circulate. We do not recommend that you opt for this type of insurance, mainly because of how unprotected you will be in the event of any incident. The basic third party has Voluntary Civil Liability

coverage , which is intended to expand the capital covered by Compulsory Civil Liability, usually covers 70 million euros for damages caused to people and 15 for material damage to vehicles and goods. There are companies that include Legal Defense and Damage Claim,

This coverage is responsible for covering the expenses involved in legally defending the policyholder who has been involved in an accident, each company sets a different limit on this coverage. Travel assistance is another of the possible coverages of this insurance, it helps the insured and his companion in the event that he has suffered an accident or a breakdown on the road

. Each company will set the limits of this coverage, but the normal thing is that it is responsible for collecting both the car and the occupants.

Third parties extended

There are additional coverages to third party insurance that makes it more complete, turning it into extended third party insurance. But what are these additional coverages that complete your car insurance?

The coverage of moons is what converts your basic third party into a third moon, and takes care of the change, repair or installation of a new moon in case it breaks. There is a detail that you may not know about this coverage is that in case there is a flood and your car is damaged, by having damage coverage like this, the Insurance Compensation Consortium will be able to take care of the damage to your vehicle .

Another interesting additional coverage for your car insurance is theft, which would take care of the damages that are derived from theft or attempted theft of your vehicle. In addition, you can also add fire coverage , which, as its name suggests, is responsible for compensating you in case your car catches fire.

There are also other types of coverage such as the extension of the driver’s insurance or travel assistance, or the management and defense of fines , which we explain in much more detail in this other article, in addition you can also include the coverage of withdrawal of driving license driving or hunting animals to your car insurance.

we know how important your car insurance is to you, and how essential it is to have good coverage. For that reason we are going to advise you with everything you need for your car insurance, access our comparator and let yourself be advised by professionals.

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